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Due diligence support on a multinational pharmaceutical supplier for a large cap global Private Equity firm.

The client need

A leading global PE firm was assessing an investment opportunity in a multinational manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Their focus was specifically on evaluating the market potential of a particular API.

To achieve this, the PE firm sought scientific expertise to gather crucial intelligence on the specific API and its applications in various disease contexts.

Choosing Deepsense

Deepsense tailored a custom search process to address the client’s unique requirements, navigating the intersection of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. We sourced and vetted high-profile experts, presenting the client with a selection of options for both the API and each disease vertical.

We specifically focused on experts from the scientific community specialized in certain illnesses and able to discuss existing and upcoming treatment options, particularly those related to the targeted API. Among the experts connected to the client were:

  • Professor at John Hopkins University
  • Past Principal Investigator at NIH (National Institutes of Health)
  • Clinic Director and Professor at a leading European University


Through our focused custom search and extensive global network, the private equity firm engaged with several esteemed scientific experts, enhancing their investment team with significant external expertise.

The engagement yielded a more precise and transparent scientific forecast regarding the market potential of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Furthermore, the PE firm gained a comprehensive understanding of this specific segment of the pharmaceutical industry, providing them with a clearer perspective on the target company’s projections.

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