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Conducting an independent TEA and technology review for an early-stage energy storage startup.

The client need

An early-stage startup was seeking an independent review of their internal techno-economic assessment (TEA) and an external opinion on the status of their technology, including achievable efficiency improvement ranges.

Choosing Deepsense

Deepsense identified and vetted a complementary duo: an experienced researcher and a technical industry veteran. This team reviewed available materials, including patents, techno-economic analyses, and technical pitch decks, to provide a comprehensive review highlighting open questions, shortcomings, and actionable improvement suggestions.

The output was provided to the client as a written, structured report. During a subsequent review call, the experts summarized their impressions and opinions, leading to targeted feedback and recommendations for the startup team. Afterward, the experts were available for potential ad-hoc questions from the client.


Deepsense conducted an independent third-party TEA and technology assessment. The assessment report was used by the startup to inform and become an integral part of their fundraising materials. Furthermore, the detected commercial and technology-related open questions and shortcomings were used as key building blocks in the startup’s roadmap development.

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