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Seize opportunities of exponential technologies with technical expertise

We help you partner with trusted science-tech advisors.

Why it works for corporates

Unique, deep technical expertise

Navigate adjacent markets and achieve leadership positions in evolving markets with our vetted experts who understand emerging technical solutions.

High-impact engagements

Our engagements are flexible to your unique needs and project requirements – from fast, crucial insights to specialists built into your project teams.

Flexible, scalable access

Maintain a lean internal team while tapping into deep expertise for specialized needs with our cost-effective pay-per-use model.

Your support lineup


Project Team Extensions

Enhance project competitiveness with our deep domain specialists who collaborate flexibly in multidisciplinary teams.

Deep Due Diligence

Science-Tech Due Diligence

Gain insights into the science and technology of investment opportunities and optimize your technology portfolio through strategic acquisitions.


Advisory Projects

Use on-demand support to balance comprehensive projects with in-house efforts. Our advisors manage challenges and mitigate risks through tailored solutions.

Vast intelligence, now part of your team

Experienced expertise across hundreds of scientific and technical fields within climate tech, healthcare, software and more.

List not exhaustive.


Find opportunities with world-leading advisors